Dear Irene
We would like to thank you for orchestrating such a smooth experience when purchasing our beautiful, new home in Valley Meadows.
Although we have bought many homes over the years, this was our first experience with new construction.  From the moment we first viewed the properties, we knew we had support for the entire process.
First of all YOU!
Thank you for answering endless questions and providing insight into the process.  We really appreciate the numerous times we were able to look at the home we purchased, as well as others.  You offered us information about financing, the title company, and much more.
When we told you our grandson was going to act as our real estate agent you were eager to help him.  As a brand new agent, your kind assistance was greatly appreciated.
Thank you for keeping us informed as we progressed through the sale.  You have always been available to answer questions and provide assurance that everything was going as planned.
Our financing was an easy process as we worked with Travis Moen from Homestreet Bank.  Again, we had great communication as each step of the process unfolded.  Travis referred to himself as the “quarterback” of the team and notified us when things were completed with the Ticor Title company.  He did a wonderful job.
All in all, we had a wonderful experience purchasing our JK Monarch home.
— Satisfied JK Monarch New Home Buyer, Valley Meadows Community